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The Ultimate Tyre Buyer’s Guide

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A good set of tyres has the potential to enhance the performance of your car. Where as, on the other hand, a set of tyres which are not suitable for your car can have adverse effects even on the best of the cars. A tyre is the only contact point between your vehicle and the road, hence it is very important to have the right tyres on your car.

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A tyre, though they all look the same, is a highly complex product. Not all deliver the same results and are designed to do the same kind of work. It is important to have a tyre that suits your driving style and environment. This ensures maximum control of your vehicle.

The major differentiating factors:

1. The Tread – Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Directional tyre.

The different types of tread patterns have different performance traits. Symmetrical tread patterns provide smooth ride and low rolling resistance which provides comfort along with better fuel efficiency. Whereas, asymmetrical tread patterns are designed to deliver high cornering performance and excellent handling for those who have more of a sporty driving style. Directional tread patterns have excellent aquaplaning and are good for wet, snowy conditions.

2. The Compound – Sulfur, Carbon black, Synthetic Rubber, Silica tyre.

The strength, durability and the rolling resistance of a tyre depends majorly on the compound that is used in the manufacturing process. While tyres are made we a mixture of various compounds, only a few leading tyre manufacturers have managed to get the balance right. Hence, it is important to go for good quality tyre brands and avoid cheap quality tyres. This will ensure that you and your family are always protected while on the road.

3. The Environment/Conditions – Dry, Wet, Snow, Off-road, High-performance tyre.

A tyre comes with markings which signify the road conditions they have been designed for. Look for marked initials like M(Mud-terrain), S(Snow-terrain), AT(All-terrain), M+S(Mud+Snow). It is important to get tyres that suit your driving conditions as it can become a hassle if you get stuck with the tyres that do not perform well for your style. Trust me, you would never want to get stuck off-road with a tyre that is designed to run on highways. Or not getting grip on highways because you have off-road tyres installed in your car.

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